About HomeHalo

What service does the HomeHalo offer?

HomeHalo gives you total control over the internet usage of all the members of your household. You can manage all users through the smartphone app or a web browser, even when you are out of the house. HomeHalo allows you to set profiles for each of the users in your home, so no matter what their age, you can be safe in the knowledge that they are only accessing suitable websites. You can set the time each day that users are allowed to access the internet, extend their time, turn on Homework mode to block distracting content for a determined period and so much more.

How does the HomeHalo work?

HomeHalo is designed to seamlessly integrate within your existing home network. You simply connect HomeHalo to your existing router and configure it on our website. You can then enjoy total internet security for your whole family. HomeHalo uses cloud technology so that you can access your device from anywhere using the HomeHalo smartphone app or a web browser. We use a complex web categorisation system to ensure that users can only access appropriate sites. We utilise push notifications so you receive updates in real time, and you can instantly change the settings for any user, from anywhere.

Will HomeHalo affect the services I currently receive?

All the services you receive from your provider will work as they did before. We have designed HomeHalo to enhance those services by ensuring that your family are safe online. HomeHalo can be used with all internet providers.

What security features are in place to keep my family secure?

We access a vast database of websites - over 500 million - which have been categorized based on their content, so when you tell the HomeHalo what you don't want accessed, you can be sure that it will be blocked. This will also protect you from scams & viruses from malicious websites. Categorisation is carried out by a software system and then all websites that are not considered innocuous are subsequently checked by humans to make sure that the categorisation is accurate or corrected.

I’m not very technically minded, will I still be able to use HomeHalo?

Absolutely! We’ve built HomeHalo with every parent in mind, whether you’re a tech guru, or have no interest in technology, our service is so simple to use you’ll know it instantly. Most things can be done in 3 taps, so HomeHalo won’t even disrupt your day. HomeHalo is built upon the motto “super simple WiFi security”.

What is HomeHalo?

HomeHalo is an integrated smart router, cloud service & smartphone app system designed to give parents the ability to manage the internet usage for all connected devices in the home and apply rules to each user. HomeHalo gives you total internet security without the hassle, whether you are technical or not. We have built HomeHalo with one thing in mind, super simple WiFi security.

Will HomeHalo work with all my devices?

HomeHalo will work with all the Wi-Fi connected devices in your home, from tablets & laptops to games consoles & smart TV's. HomeHalo works straight out of the box and there is no software to install on your devices. Devices can be managed by HomeHalo by either a wireless connection or a wired connection. 

As an adult, will HomeHalo affect what I can view?

No, you can set your content profile to 'Adult' or 'Unlimited', which means that you'll have unrestricted internet access and you won't even notice HomeHalo being there. HomeHalo will still block fraudulent sites for all members of your household, so everyone is always protected. 

What Devices does the HomeHalo smartphone app run on?

The HomeHalo Smartphone app is available on iphone (running iOS 8.1 or later) and android (running Android 6 or later). 

Whilst we don't have a designated iPad app, the iOS app will run on any iPad.