Account Management

Can I have two people as administrator?

The account that you set HomeHalo up with automatically becomes the administrator of the system. If you would like more than one parent to be able to make changes to settings & rules you simply need to both have access to the administrator username & password.

Can I download the smartphone App on multiple devices?

Yes, the smartphone App can be downloaded on as many devices as you need but each user that has the app installed will need your login details to be able to manage HomeHalo from their phone!

How many users can I set up on my account?

We do not restrict the number of users on each HomeHalo, so no matter how many users you want to manage, HomeHalo will work for you. However, if you have a large number of users, you may find it easier to manage them by having user "groups". This is done by simply naming your user as a group - but it does mean that every person in that group will have to work with the same rules.

Is the application secure?

The application has been approved by both Apple & Android market places, and there is a built in pin lock feature in case you misplace your device. We use a PIN so that you can manage HomeHalo without having to type in a long username/password every time you need to change your child's rules, or approve an extension request.

Can I set a daily time usage quota?

Our time limits allow you to set a defined schedule for when your children have access to the internet. For example, you can allow your kids to have access between 10-11am and 4-6pm. Once the time has expired, their Wi-Fi access will be blocked. You can adjust these time limits at the touch of a button using our app. If you wish, your children will also be able to send a request asking for more time, which you can respond to via our app.


We do not currently offer a total time per day feature, as there is no reliable method of achieving this through a router. This is because there are so many background services and un-displayed browser tabs that exchange data with the web services all the time, therefore we cannot determine when a person's 'activity' starts or stops.


We've designed our time limit function to be flexible and effective in ensuring your kids aren't spending too long online or using the web late at night.

I have a family computer, how can i manage this?

You can easily assign a device between your family members by using the app. In seconds you can assign your device to another user for the duration that they are using it. Open the app, tap more, tap device, select the device you wish to change, tap assign, and select the user you wish to assign the device to.