Setup & Installation

How complicated is setting up the HomeHalo?

We have created HomeHalo with all parents in mind. We wanted to have a simple product that was quick and easy to set up and get going. Setting up the HomeHalo is as simple as setting up any other router. We have a setup wizard on our website which will guide you through the process and we also have step-by-step guides for each of the most popular routers. You can also call our support team if you need any help whilst setting up your HomeHalo.

Do I need to disconnect my current router?

No. HomeHalo is designed to work along with your current set-up, so that it’s even easier for you to get online. This way, you experience no disruption to the quality of services you receive. The only change that is needed is to stop your existing router from transmitting WiFi - that becomes the task of HomeHalo. Don't forget, you can always call us if you need any help getting set up.

Where can I get the smartphone App?

If you are an iPhone user, you can download the app by going to the App Store on your phone, and searching “HomeHalo”. If you are an Android user, you can go to Google Play store on your phone and search “HomeHalo” Both Apps are free.


You can also download our iOS app onto an iPad.
Simply go to the App Store, search for "HomeHalo", then in the search results change from "iPad only" to "iPhone only", found at the top left of the screen.