Physical Setup

Depending on your internet provider and where you are in the world will determine how to get HomeHalo setup. 

Please see below for help and instructions on setting up your HomeHalo 


Please note, your HomeHalo device will not work until you have paired your HomeHalo with your account. 

Please run the "setup wizard" located on your dashboard


HomeHalo works with most routers and broadband providers, if your router isn't listed here, you can email us and we will be happy to provide specific information. Please also see the generic guide below for setup.

Connecting to your existing router  

You will need to use this setup if your internet provider supplied you with a wireless router, or your current router connects to the phone socket (ADSL). This is most common for UK/ Europe setups. 

You will need to turn off your existing Wi-Fi so that your household can connect to the HomeHalo. This is a quick and easy process, and we have provided router guides for the most popular UK routers. Click the button to get started. 


Replacing your current router 

If you do not have a router supplied by your broadband provider, do not connect via a phone socket or only have a modem, then you can replace yoru current Wi-FI router or purchase HomeHalo as your first Wi-Fi router. This is most common in the USA. 

You will simply need to plug HomeHalo into the ethernet cable or into your Modem to get up and running.

No further conifguration is needed