Phone Application

I can't download the smartphone application on my phone

The HomeHalo app works with Android and iOS (version 8.1 onwards). It may be the case that you need to update your phone's software in order to download the HomeHalo app. If you have any other type of phone, we do not have an App. You can manage HomeHalo through our website though.

I am not receiving push notifications to my phone?

You must allow these notifications in your phone settings. Go to your phones settings, Notification center, and tap the HomeHalo icon. Here you can enable the notifications by clicking on “allow on lock screen” and by Selecting an “alert style”.

I want to access my account, through the app, on multiple devices?

You can download the application on multiple devices, you will need to log into each device and set a 4 digit pin, which will be unique to each device that you log-in with. You will then receive notifications on each device, which will be dismissed from all the devices when any user responds to a notification.