Setup & Installation

How do I setup my HomeHalo?

In the box is a “quick start” manual that gives you step by step instructions for easy and stress free installation of your HomeHalo device. You must start by creating an account on the HomeHalo website (you would have done this if you placed your order directly with us). Once the account is created (and before you receive your HomeHalo) you can create all the users (children and adults) and set their "rules". When your HomeHalo arrives, you need to attach the HomeHalo ID (on the bottom of the unit) to your account and all of the rules will be automatically transferred to your HomeHalo. Simple!

I want to use the HomeHalo with my childrens' games console. Is this possible?

Yes, HomeHalo behaves like any other router. You can connect either by a wired or wireless connection. Once the games console is connected, you can assign it to its owner and it will have internet access according to the same schedule as that user. If your games console is shared, you may want to make a user called "Games Console" so that it has its own time rules as these may be different from the rules that you want to apply for other devices or users.

I want to use HomeHalo with my Apple airport/ Airport extreme, is this possible?

Yes, you can use HomeHalo with any airport or range extender. 


You must put the HomeHalo at the start of the chain and connect all your devices to it for them to be managed by the HomeHalo. 


For the purpose of setup, set your "unassigned devices" category to have an "unlimited" content profile and no time profile blocking, you can change this back after setup, but this ensures that no traffic is being blocked upon setup.

Secondly, your airport extremes should be put into "bridge mode"- this will extend the wireless network and avoid conflicts.

* To do this you will need to connect to your airport via an ethernet cable, then launch the "airport utility" program. (if on mac it's located in >applications>utilities> airport utility)(if on windows search "airport utility" in the windows search bar)
* Once you have launched the utility click "manual setup".
* Under the title "connection sharing" select "Off (bridge mode)"
* Next click the airport icon on the top menu, then select "wireless"
* Then change the wireless network name, and wireless password to match that which you set on your HomeHalo
* Then click "update"

FInally, simply plug an ethernet cable from your Airport or airport extreme into a LAN port on your HomeHalo

I want to still have access to my original router, and just want my children to go through HomeHalo?

You can setup the HomeHalo so that you can connect to your previous router, but you will have to change the password to stop your family also accessing the unprotected router. We have made HomeHalo with every family member in mind. You can set different profiles for each user through the HomeHalo, so you won’t be restricted by what you want to view. HomeHalo gives you full control over the content that you want to view, so it is recommended that every person in your household goes through HomeHalo.

I have set-up HomeHalo but I can still connect to my previous router?

You may have accidentally missed a step in the router set up. You will need to turn off WiFi in your original router in order to ensure that all devices connect to the HomeHalo. Please see our selection of router guides, for instructions on how to setup your existing router. Any devices that are connected by a cable to your original router should be connected to HomeHalo's network sockets if you want them managed using the same rules.

How do I activate SafeSearch on Google?

The content profiles that you use for each child will ensure that your children cannot click through onto any search results which are against their filtering policies. If you would like to prevent them from seeing inappropriate search results you can also activate Google’s SafeSearch function.

 On a computer you can do this by:

1. Visiting the Search Settings page.
2. In the "SafeSearch filters" section, check or uncheck the box next to "Turn on SafeSearch."
3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

On a phone browser you can do this by:

  1. 1. Visit the Search Settings page.
    2. Find the "SafeSearch filters" section.
    3. Turn on SafeSearch by selecting Filter explicit results.
    4. Turn off SafeSearch by selecting Show most relevant results.
    5. Touch Save at the bottom of the page.

 For detailed instructions on how to do this on specific devices please click here. This page also contains details on how to lock safe search on.

How do I activate SafeMode on YouTube?

HomeHalo will allow you to set time limits for when your children have access to YouTube or you can choose to block YouTube completely. If you want to filter specific videos within YouTube you can also activate their native SafeMode function. For detailed instructions on how to activate SafeMode click here.

One of my devices won’t connect to HomeHalo. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is to forget the HomeHalo network on that device and then try reconnecting again.

To forget the network on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad)
1. Select ‘Settings’

2. Tap ‘Wi-Fi’
3. Select the info button next to the network you wish to forget.
4. Then select ‘Forget’ this network.

To do this on Android:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select ‘Wireless and Networks’
3. Then select ‘Wi-Fi Settings’
4. Then tap on the access point you wish to remove.
5. On the pop-up window select ‘Forget’

To do this on Windows 10:
1. Open the ‘Settings’ app
2. Select ‘Network & Internet’
3. In the Wi-Fi section click on ‘Manage Wi-Fi Settings’

  1. 4. Scroll down to ‘Manage Known Networks’
    5. Select the required wireless network and tap ’Forget’

    Once you have forgotten the network on your device, you can then try reconnecting to the HomeHalo using your SSID and Password. If this does not work, the next step is to try putting your unassigned devices onto a stricter content profile. To do this on the HomeHalo app go to: My People: Unassigned Devices: Content Rule: and then select a lower age category.