Troubleshooting your HomeHalo

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I get a page saying "You have access to the internet", but it doesn't let me access anything
I can't connect to the internet
My Internet speeds have dropped
I have a permanent red status light
I can't connect my apple devices
I am not receiving push notifications
I can't print from my network printer
Devices aren't blocking when I set a block
I can't see all my usage report
I can't block the youtube app
I cannot block steam when in session
My Xbox/Playstation won't stay connected to the internet


My WiiU won't connect to the internet

I get a page saying "You have access to the internet", but it doesn't let me access anything


This is shown becuase your timezone is incorrect. You should restart the router and wait up to 5 minutes for the HomeHalo to get the correct timezone. If the problem persits, please do the following:


- Go to the routers onboard settings by typing either or into the address bar on your browser


- Go to the "status" page- if the time zone is incorrect, then go to the "maintainance tab", and go to "time and date"


- Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "get GMT time"

- If the time is still incorrect then you can enter it manually at the top of the page and hit save. If you have had to do this, then please email us at so we can investigate the problem


Help, I can't connect to the internet through HomeHalo?


Firstly, you should have paired your HomeHalo with your account via our setup wizard. Without pairing your HomeHalo with your account, you will not be able to connected to the internet through HomeHalo. You will need to run the setup wizard located on your Dashboard to pair your HomeHalo ID with your account.


Now ensure that you have connected your HomeHalo up properly.
If you are connecting HomeHalo to an existing router, there should be an ethernet cable from a LAN port on the back of your router, to the blue WAN port on the back of your HomeHalo. Then power off/on both of your routers. 


If you are connected your HomeHalo directly to a modem, then please power off/ on your modem. 



My internet has dropped in speed?


Please restart both your existing router and your HomeHalo. If the status light on the HomeHalo is green, then connect directly to your existing router and test the speeds there. If your existing router speeds are slow, then please contact your internet provider


I have a permanent red status light?


If your HomeHalo status light is constantly solid red, please restart the HomeHalo. Also check that you have an active subscription by going to your Dashboard, and clicking "my account". Here you will see if your subscription has expired. 

If your status light is still red, then please check the status of your internet line with your provider. 

If the problem still persists, then please email


I can't connect my apple devices?


This is because the default content profile for "unassigned devices" doesn't allow mobile phones. To update this, please go to content profiles> young child> and tick the category "mobile phones".   


I am using the HomeHalo app, and I am not receiving push notifications?  


Please ensure that you have push notifications switched on, on your dashboard. Please go to your Dashboard, click settings, and on the "notification tab" ensure you have the check boxes for push notifcations ticked.


You should also check in your phone's settings that you have allowed HomeHalo notifications. Go to settings, notifications, and ensure you have allowed our notifications.  


I can't print from my network printer? 


You must ensure that the printer you are trying to print from is on the HomeHalo network. All devices that you wish you print from should also be on the HomeHalo network. 


Devices aren't blocking when I set an instant block?


There is a small delay in the block reaching the HomeHalo, so please wait a few minutes for the block to take effect. 

We are aware of this issue and we are currently investigating how to improve reaction time.


I cannot see all my usage reports?


Currently you can view each users visited websites over a 1 day, 1 week or 30 day period, see what categories the websites fall into and decide whether to blacklist that website or category. This feature is currently only available on the smartphone applications.


Shortly, we will be adding new reporting features, such as being able to view the overall usage by each user and the websites they attempted to visit. 


Steam is not blocking past the curfew


We are aware of an issue that if you are already mid game on steam, then it will continue past the curfew. A work around it to quit the game- it won't be able to load another. 


My App keeps crashing/ I am getting error messages


This can happen when you are on an old version of the app. Please delete the app and re install from the app stores. 

If the problem persists please email



My Xbox/Playstation won't stay connected to the internet


Please ensure that the games console is on an unlimited or adult content profile. It can be a problem when the games console is on a content profile that is too restrictive.



My WiiU won't connect to the internet


If you are facing issues with your Wii U, please do the following. There are many reports of WiiU wireless issues in the WiiU community and it is not a fault of the HomeHalo's:


1) On the WiiU, go to settings, network, in the top left hit "connections types"

2) Hit "manually connection"

3) Input the HomeHalo's SSID (You would have set this on the setup wizard)

4) Select the security type "WPA2-PSK AES"

5) Put in the wireless password for the HomeHalo wireless

6) Select "do not obtain" on the IP address

7) Put a manual IP address (this is dependant on your network). Most commonly you should add

8) Enter the subnet masks as ""

9) Default gateway should be

10) DO NOT obtain on the DNS settings and add them as and secondary as