Helping keep your kids' internet safe

HomeHalo protects your family from unsuitable content and lets you manage screen time so you can relax, knowing your kids are getting the best out of their time online.
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Start protecting your family today

Introducing HomeHalo – a parental control tool that gives peace of mind your kids are safe when they’re online – on every device in your home.

Simple to set up and easy to use

Just plug HomeHalo into your router, download the app on your smartphone and you’re in charge of what the kids can see and when they can see it, even when you’re out and about.

Striking a balance

Children are using screens from a very young age so making sure they don’t see something upsetting while teaching them offline time is great fun too, has never been more important.

You decide who sees what

Choose which sites are appropriate for each child, leaving content for adults completely unfiltered. Who said the world was fair!
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Manage screen time

Schedule access times for each member of the family and set bedtime curfews so there’s no checking Facebook under the covers and sleepy kids at breakfast time.

Get their attention with instant block

Fed up with trying to get the kids down for dinner? With instant block, you can pause the internet whenever you want so it's easier to get them to the table without a fuss.
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Avoid homework distractions

Block distracting sites like Facebook and YouTube but leave other sites unblocked, so your children can access all the info they need and get their homework done, without the distractions.

Stay in the know with instant alerts

If your child asks for more time online, you can allow or deny their request from your smartphone. And if HomeHalo is messed with by tech-savvy teens, you’ll be notified about that too!
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Be a fly on the wall

Access reports from your app and discover who's viewing what, and for how long so you can have those important conversations sooner rather than later.

Still not convinced?

Download our free demo app and find out for yourself how HomeHalo can help protect your family.
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only $99

Get your HomeHalo router, full parental controls and smartphone app, with no subscription fees to pay, ever.



“HomeHalo is exactly what concerned parents have been waiting for”

London, UK.
“HomeHalo is fantastic – I just wish we had put it in when the kids were younger.”

Worcestershire, UK
“It was a relief to get an end to the daily battles with devices, homework and bedtime.“

London, UK
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The Hawke Family
Hampshire, UK
“Being a busy parent, homehalo gives me piece of mind that my children are safe online without me having to look over their shoulder. ”

Cornwall, UK
“Excellent product. The best thing that I could have for home internet and the safety of my family. Works Great in the USA!”

New York, USA.
“I hadn’t realised how much the kids had withdrawn into a digital world. Mealtimes are a joy again.”

Devon, UK.
“I'm in control again and so much more comfortable knowing that my kids are protected ”

Denver, USA
“HomeHalo is better than good. I love that it has eliminated the daily homework battles“

London, UK