HomeHalo piggybacks on your home Wifi so you can keep your kids safe online - on every device they use.

Whether you’re in the kitchen or at the office, HomeHalo lets you manage your children’s internet from the palm of your hand.

How HomeHalo works...

  • No frustrating setups

    HomeHalo plugs into your existing router to create a new network 

  • HomeHalo smart Cloud 

    HomeHalo connects to the cloud so you can manage and control from anywhere

  • Connects with all devices 

    Connect all your devices to the HomeHalo using wireless or wired connections 

  • Instant categorisation

    Don't wait for long database updates for known sites. HomeHalo works instantly

  • control from a smartphone

    Use our smartphone app for quick access to your HomeHalo- even out the house

  • Slick web dashboard 

    No smartphone? HomeHalo can be used with the web dashboard so you're always covered

Create a profile for each child

There's no blanket rules with HomeHalo- Create each child their own profile with fully customisable rules

Setup access times

Set bedtimes and internet downtime throughout the day, 7 days a week.

Set the level of protection

Use our preset filters or create your own rules

Blacklist popular sites

Quickly block popular sites or manually add sites you want to block

Manage requests to extend time

We believe the best way to paretal controls is to involve your kids. They can request websites to be unblocked or extra time- you can always say no to these.

HomeHalo gives you peace of mind your children are safe when they’re online.
Don’t wait any longer to protect your family.

  • HomeHalo Router Specifications

    • 300Mbps 802.11g/b/n wireless router
    • High gain dual antennae for longer range
    • 1 x Wan port
    • 4 x 100Mbps Lan port – managed
    • DHCP Server
  • Apps

    • iOS and Android Native apps
    • Pin protected for rapid but secure access
    • 2 step extension, block and homework mode access
    • Whitelist acceptance
    • Change age/content profile per user
    • Assign connected devices to users
    • Alerts for time extension requests, whitelist requests, new device connections, tampering, offline
  • Customer management area – website

    • Assign time schedules for internet access
    • Setup new users
    • Create/edit content profiles
    • Dashboard with alerts for time extension requests, whitelist requests, new device connections
    • Subscription management