The bad effects of too much screentime every parent should know

Your kid’s health is important. You do everything to make sure they are as healthy as possible. But when it comes to screentime, most parents don’t realise the effect this can have on their kids health. What can you do to help them?


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1. Bad quality of sleep

Studies show that the blue light emitted from screens affects the levels of sleep inducing hormones, causing less “quality” sleep. Turn off their devices an hour before bedtime with HomeHalo’s curfews to ensure they have a good night’s sleep.


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2. Effect on school grades

Being online constantly can also cause issues with your kids grades. HomeHalo’s Homework mode ensures there are no distractions when they should be studying


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3. Greater chance of seeing something they shouldn’t

Over 47% of children admit seeing online porn or inappropriate images whilst surfing the net. Using HomeHalo’s content rules you can be sure they are only seeing websites appropriate to them


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4. No boundaries

There are no rules on the internet and kids of any age can access any website they wish. Most websites “age” restrictions are as simple as typing a date of birth which can easily be faked. With HomeHalo, the content is filtered to match their age so you can rest assured they aren’t on any adult sites they shouldn’t be


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