So, where did it all begin?


The HomeHalo Story begins back in 2010, when we got together as a group of parents to take a stand on internet safety. Fed up with the tantrums & stroppy teenagers, we needed a device to restore the harmony in our homes and give us peace of mind that our kids are safe online.  

HomeHalo story

HomeHalo can be the family's internet guardian angel The Daily Echo, 2014

The HomeHalo Story

After searching high & low for a solution, we decided to take matters into our own hands. With 15 children between us, our team of parents turned inventors have painstakingly developed HomeHalo specifically to meet the everyday problems that we’ve faced with our own children. Setting time limits to avoid those bedtime arguments & blocking all those nasty sites seemed like a necessity to keep our children safe.

Our answer, HomeHalo, is a wonderfully simple wireless hub that all household devices: computers, tablets, phones, games consoles and music players can connect to – we then made it super easy to manage them all with the HomeHalo smartphone app and website.


  • Kids don’t always know more than you do

    Everyone believes today’s kids are a whizz with computers. Fact. Actually, they are just a lot less worried about breaking them and much more ready to explore their capabilities and limitations.

  • Your ISP router is very clever

    We don’t believe that replacing your ISP-supplied router is always a good thing - these devices are often nicely tuned to your broadband connection. HomeHalo complements your home router whilst giving you full control of every internet connection.

  • Children are not getting enough sleep

    Many children are spending far too long online- browsing, playing games and visiting addictive video sites. This can lead to difficulty sleeping and trouble fousing at school. Having an easy way manage their screen time can help avoid this.



  • Everyone should spend more time talking

    It’s a sad fact that we’re spending less time than ever interacting with the family because we’re all too attached to our screens. HomeHalo can help break this cycle and bring everyone closer together.