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The internet is a vital resource for kids. It’s a platform that fuels their curiosity, helping them learn about the world around them. But with growing risks from screen addiction, cyber-bullying and access to inappropriate content, it’s hard for parents to know how to protect their children online.

How can you give your kids a balanced digital diet without looking over their shoulders all the time? How can they have the space they need to grow, whilst avoiding harmful content?

That’s where HomeHalo can help. Designed for total simplicity, HomeHalo is a smartphone app and WiFi router that gives you flexible control over your family's internet. The intuitive app allows you to set time limits, block inappropriate sites, activate homework mode and much more, all from your smartphone. Compatible with all Wi-Fi devices, HomeHalo enables your kids to use the web safely, giving you peace of mind.

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"HomeHalo study finds that gadgets cause eight million rows a day" - Mail Online

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Keeping children safe online is a big concern for most parents. With a world of knowledge available "on tap" it’s no wonder our kids get so easily hooked. So why has protecting them from overexposure and inappropriate content been so difficult - until now?

“HomeHalo has quickly and easily been implemented into our home. It's nice to know it is there protecting my kids if a mistake is made. I'm looking forward to seeing how the halo develops further.”

Leeds, UK.

“I just love the app that allows me to give the kids more time in seconds. I’m in control again and so much more comfortable knowing that my kids are protected. Also it’s clever how the kids have different rules”

Norfolk, UK

“HomeHalo is better than good, now we are over the start-up resentment, both kids are sending “more time” requests & I love that it has eliminated the daily homework battles with Lauren“

London, UK

“HomeHalo is exactly what concerned parents have been waiting for. Discrete control of your child’s exposure to on-line dangers. Easy to set up, simple to use, providing knowledge and peace of mind. Thank you HomeHalo”

The Hawke Family
Hampshire, UK

“I've been looking for something like this for a while now as I worry more and more about how long my kids are spending on their iPads. The app is really easy to use and ideal for when I work away from home. Would definitely recommend.”

Denver, USA

“An excellent concept that I have been happy to advertise to my family and friends.”

Devon, UK.



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