HomeHalo App information

Demo Mode

Once they download the app from the app store, they should open "demo mode" to get full features of the app


"My Alerts" shows any alerts that have not been actioned. "My people" is any users they have setup on the HomeHalo, "Reports" Gives them information about each users usage, "More" gives further options:

My Alerts

HomeHalo will give alerts when
- A user requests a website to be unblocked
- A user requests extra time (when they are on curfew)
- A new device connects to the network
- When the HomeHalo is unplugged

My People

My People gives an overview of each user on the HomeHalo
- Tap the "plus" to add a new user
- The symbols give a quick overview of the current user
Geroge Is blocked until 10:20
Adults has unlimited access
Amelia Has access until 8pm
Harry is in Homework for 30 mins

Tap a user to manage

Tap a mode to activate it, see below for a description of each mode

Block now

Block now blocks the user from all internet access, for the specified duration of time. Drag the slider to specify how long to the block the user for


Extends the user for a certain duration past their curfew, or tempory adds internet time if they are out of access time. Drag the slider to add more time for the user


Blocks distracting websites such as social media and games for a certain duration, the user should drag the slider to select the duration, and toggle off/ on the categories below if they should be blocked or not. 


Manually add a URL (which is currently blocked for the user) to the whitlist


Blacklist allows you to block pre defined popular websites such as facebook or youtube in one tap, you can also manually ad the URLs (same process as whitelisting)


See which devices are currently assigned to a user, swipe left to delete, edit the name, or assign to a different user


Get usage report for the user on which websites they have visited. Tap the website to get a preview where you can also blacklist the website if you don't like the look of it

Content rule

Select the level of protect for the user- chose a preset content profile or fully create your own (on the main screen, tap "more", "content profile" create new")

Access schedule

Select what time of day the user is allowed and blocked on the internet, select 15 minute segments of allowed / blocked through the day.

More menu

On the homepage, tap "more" - gives you further options such as: All devices connected to the HomeHalo, Content rule (create and edit the content ruies), tell a friend sends an email to their friends, find out more takes them to the website, End demo mode to be taken back to the login page.

Tap the button below to send a link to the app via SMS to the app